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Here at Connect Wellington we believe people need more choices for how they get around.

That is why we strongly oppose the proposal to build an additional road tunnel through Mt Victoria.



Construction of another Mt Victoria road tunnel is included in the Let's Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) plan for Wellington, and so it is unavoidable that part of this campaign's purpose is to prevent that from happening. However, we are far more interested in offering better alternatives.

For a long time now, our civic leaders have looked at Wellington with the eyes of traffic engineers. This focus on improving the flow of traffic and easing congestion is too narrow to create a vibrant and livable 21st century city, and has lead to many short-sighted solutions.


Instead, we propose looking from the perspective of human needs and creating choices. Thinking this way leads us to more creative ways of meeting our needs.

Why do people travel the way they do?

Why did each person make their journey?

What options would they like to have?


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Broaden the tunnel conversation to focus on how we can meet the needs of people travelling between the city and the east, rather than limiting it to road capacity.

Gain a commitment from Let's Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) to prioritise Mass Rapid Transit above any further addition to our road  network.


Keep pressure on our civic leaders to remember our climate change obligations when considering large-scale roading projects.

Engage with local communities and commuters around what their travel needs are and what options they would like to have available.


Gather a broad base of supportive evidence (including real-life stories from locals) as well as data that addresses the many myths and misconceptions surrounding road congestion.