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Slower  streets.

Safer streets.

A better city for all.

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We are all about advocating for a city that is a joy to move around in and lower speed limits are an integral part of it. 

Wellington City Council (WCC) has decided to change many inner city streets to 30km/h. We encouraged the Council to make this change and we applaud this decision. These safer speeds came into effect in July 2020.

However, we also believe they do not go far enough. To truly improve the character and safety of our streets we need a comprehensive slow zone across the city and inner neighbourhoods.

We asked the Council to include more streets and neighbourhoods in our submission. We're going to encourage them to do better the next time they consider the issue, and we hope you'll join us in making that call.


Wellingtonians deserve a city that everyone can move around safely in, no matter what their limitations are. Let's view our streets as places for living in, rather than only as spaces to move through, and see what goodness comes out of it.

This page is a work-in-progress, but we've got answers to some key questions and other tidbits below. 



The current 30km/h zone is extended to include all arterial roads, as well the neighbouring suburbs of Mt Victoria and Thorndon.

Engage with decision makers around the wider benefits of slower streets, and continue to advocate for further additions to the slow zones.

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Address community concerns around the impacts of reducing speed limits, and ensure that all voices and viewpoints are heard.

Build a collection of supportive evidence from NZ and around the world, which can be readily accessed by both decision makers and the public.




Answers to common concerns and questions about lower speeds.

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Our submission on the recent Let's Get Wellington Moving proposal to change many inner city streets to 30km/h.