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The Golden Mile is a key artery for the heart of Wellington’s downtown. On fine days the footpaths fill with people; even on rainy days people scurry from awning to awning, heads down against the wind and the rain.



Crossing the road can be a mission at times, and it's not just the weather.  Much of the space is unsheltered and dominated by vehicles. Sometimes the air fills with fumes and noise. The day when buses using the Golden Mile are once again clean and electric can’t come soon enough in our view.


Connect Wellington thinks the Golden Mile should be, first and foremost, a place for people. A greener, safer space where there is more room for everyone.  People go to work and people go to cafes, restaurants and bars. And it’s people, not cars, that enter shops and buy things.  While some people travel by car to do these things, a surprising number arrive in other ways.  


Our Dots Survey Results

We’ve surveyed people using the Golden Mile about how they got there. We talked to people on Courtenay Place, on Manners St, and on Lambton Quay. Walking, cycling and public transport play crucial roles, and we want plenty of space for all three. . 

By focusing on space for people and their needs, we can have a Golden Mile that’s better for people who live there, better for people who come in for elsewhere, and better for retailers and other businesses - while ensuring access when it’s needed for light and heavy vehicles and the people who need to use them.  And yes that means less space for cars.



The Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme released three concepts for the Golden Mile in mid-2020. Concept 1 was a minor tweak of the current situation, while Concepts 2 and 3 go further, removing cars from these key pedestrian streets and allocating the space in two different ways to people on foot, people using buses, and people cycling and using micromobility devices like e-scooters.

Please find our Golden Mile submission here.

Connect Wellington submitted in favour of a mix of Concepts 2 and 3, based on the principles we outline in our submission. Now submissions have closed, we’re continuing to advocate for a transformational change to the Golden Mile, helping our city to build back better for people - and other living creatures - in the wake of COVID-19.

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We’re expecting Let’s Get Wellington Moving to release its preferred option for the Golden Mile in February 2021.

Please contact us at hello@connectwellington.org.nz  if you’d like to get involved in this campaign.